Senior awarded monumental scholarshipSenior awarded monumental scholarship

Brylee Huber, Chief Editor

Senior Seth Jarvis recently learned that he will be one of two Kansas representatives for the Senate Youth Program.

   The prizes consist of a $10,000 college scholarship and a Zoom call meeting with government officials such as senator Roger Marshall and President Joe Biden.

   In pre-COVID years, winners received a free trip to Washington D.C. where they toured the White House and other historical sites.

   As for the application process, Seth said, “I submitted a small description of my activities at school and in the community. I also took a civics test.”

   He also said, “I studied just general history facts. Basic stuff about how our government works. Also, all the key cabinet positions and people in charge of them.”

   Seth found out about the program through history teacher Chris Varvel.

   For the students who want to apply next year, Seth has a fair amount of advice.

   “People who apply should be very well versed in American history and government. They should definitely know all of the cabinet positions, amendments, supreme court justices, and transformative leaders in government.”

   “They should also be well versed in current events and constantly be following events throughout the entire year. Also, there is an essay portion to the test, so knowing how to write well would be very helpful.”

   Although the pandemic greatly changed this program, including there being no phone interviews, Seth hopes others will try for this wonderful scholarship.