Performance group deals with challenges of repressive new year

Teagan Harris, Sports Editor

  Michael Vander Linden has led the theater department for years. He is also the sponsor for Burlington’s Drama Club.

   The drama club has 21 official members.

   Its officers are seniors Allie Schneider, Emmy Furman,  Chloe Medlock, and Taven Allen, and junior Deric Cole.

   These students work super hard to keep the group up and running as best they can, according to Mr. Vander Linden

   In the past, the club did Escape Rooms at the Rec Center. This year, it has been harder to get activities done with the club.

   The group used to compete for the Kansas Thespians, but the competition was online, and the group chose to not participate this year.

   Previous years would have the club meeting a few times a month, but due to Covid and busy schedules, the group’s gatherings have been extremely limited.

   Mr. Vander Linden states that the club has so many benefits for theater kids and non-theater kids alike.

   “Covid canceled our Drama Club. Most of the things we used to do, like bringing professionals in to help the students, were cut due to safety.”

   They are looking to add a performance in the spring for the organization to make up for everything they have lost this year.