Musical body provides diverse presentations of tunes on fields, bleachers, in contests

Abby Crutchfield, Editorial Editor

The Burlington High School band consists of 36 talented musicians. This groups of high schoolers practice five days a week in order to make sure they sound as good as possible.

   The band is taught by music teacher William Bostic. There are a few students that help out leading too. Senior Lily Rolf is the brass section leader, and junior Cooper Carlson is the woodwind section leader. Senior Allie Schneider is the drum major, and junior Emma Yunk is the secretary.

   Cooper loves being in band because of how fun it is.  “I can’t put it in any other better way. When you’re able to jam out and dance in pep band, show off in marching band, and move people with great music in concert band, it’s just fun,” he says.

   If you went to any football games this year, you probably heard the band. They not only played during the games but often performed at half-time as well.

   Football is not the only sport the band plays for; they provided music for basketball games. Since this year has been a little different due to social distancing, the band has really helped the gym to seem more enthusiastic. Since there aren’t many fans to cheer, the band helps boost the mood by playing music, according to Mr. Bostic.

   On top of supporting the teams, the band also had a Christmas concert. Their contest season is coming up as well. The band will also be doing pops concert soon.

   Mr. Bostic is very impressed with the entire band this year. Some people that have really stood out to him are the seniors.

   “The Senior Class has been fantastic at setting the tone for competitions and normal days,” he says.

   Another thing that makes band special is how much work the members have to put into it. Not just anybody will take the time to learn to play an instrument. “It’s pretty cool to get to experience music, especially since only about 10 percent of the population gets to,” says Mr. Bostic.

    Lily Rolf says, “I like the challenge of making music and the amazing moment when a song clicks and all the parts come together.”