Classroom helpers discuss responsibilities, perks of aide position

Seth Jarvis, News Editor

Burlington High School has a program where students are able to be an aide for teachers during their senior year.

   Senior William Saueressig is an assistant for history teacher Chris Varvel.  He stated that he wanted to be one because he never got to finish American History last year. He hopes to pick up on facts that he maybe missed.

   In addition to this, he enjoys getting two Nat/Int classes, which also offers additional information that he did not get in other classes.

   Mr. Varvel has his own reasons for liking aides.

   “It’s very handy at times when you’re short on copies, when you need to run somewhere to get something.”

   He explained that he uses his teacher aides the most at the end of the year. They spend most of their time preparing for the next school year.

   Senior Addison Varvel is the teacher’s aide for Devra Parker.

   “I’ve known her for a long time with my dad working here, and I just love her energy and the way she teaches” is what she said when asked why she wanted to TA for her.

   What she enjoys most about being an assistant for Mrs. Parker is her presence. She explains that she makes her day better.

   Senior Chloe Medlock is the TA for elementary school math teacher Evelyn Ervin, who was her favorite teacher in elementary school. She also likes the age of kids that she teaches.

   “Every holiday this year, I’ve given them little gifts or snacks, and I love their reactions when I hand them out. [A]nd just being around them in general. A lot of them hug me every day, and it’s so cute” is what she says are her favorite parts of the job.

   Senior Caedon Berkenmeier is math teacher Dana Hess’s helper. He explained that he enjoyed her class and her as a teacher. Mrs. Hess personally asked him to be her aide, and that sealed the deal for him.

   For most of it, Caedon grades papers, makes copies, and files test. When he has free time, he tends to use it as a study hall.

   Junior Kye Van Patton hopes to be a TA for middle school math teacher Jenny Anderson.

   Kye explained that Mrs. Anderson was always her favorite teacher in middle school and that being an aide is a fun way to help out the teachers.

   There are a wide variety of people becoming aides in Burlington.

It seems that the teachers enjoy them as well.