Student representatives discuss spring dance

Seth Jarvis, News Editor

Prom, like everything else, is seeing some changes this year. Some aspects are the same while others are going to be very different.

   “The plan right now is to have the Grand March in front of the school. We thought it‘d be a good idea to let people show off their cars for Prom this year,“ explained Junior Class president Jayme Wagner.

   Parents and spectators will be able to observe the spectacle outside of the school and spread out.

   The dance itself will be held in the gym instead of the commons. For the most part, this is to keep people safe and apart from each other.

   Jayme also stated that it is a challenge to plan for all the different restriction levels. However, they have managed to remain on schedule.

   Junior vice president Emma Yunk described some of the decorations there this year.

   “So, the main entrance will be decorated and the  hallway from the front door to the cafeteria. There will be a beautiful oasis of water and a pirate paradise. The tables will be decorated with pirate candy in the cafeteria.”

   The Junior Class is negotiating with the Senior Class over the price of what was their unused decorations, due to Covid.

   She also mentioned that there is a debate about whether or not out of school dates will be allowed to attend.

   This celebration is one that has been part of Burlington for many years. This year may be different, but the show is going on. The junior class has certainly adapted to the great crisis that has transformed the world.