Service-based group completes many activities

Madaline Turner, Sports Editor

The Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America, also known as FCCLA, have had a busy school year.

   The 13 members, including officers president Abby Sleezer, vice-president Paige Akers, secretary Miranda Meats, treasurer Mika Watkins, and Student Council representative Caydence Doebele, have all been working extremely hard.

   During their monthly meetings, the girls focus on the importance of healthy families within the community and school.

   One of the traditions they take part in is the annual Senior Citizens’ Dinner. This year, the girls served a delicious Thanksgiving meal while following all the health safety guidelines.

    Pamela Babb, the FCCLA sponsor, noted that all of the members were excited to get the chance to put on this benefit.

   Additionally, the group created awareness flyers and hot cocoa jars in support of others.

   FCCLA not only plans events, but they take part in STAR competitions as well. In fact, several members are judging the competition this year.

   The STAR competitions stand for Students Taking Action through Recognition, and there are many categories the members can enter in.

   These events are being held virtually and FCCLA chapters, like this school’s, are already signed up to compete.

   If you are interested in joining this club, by attending the FCCLA Fall Conference next year, you can learn about all of the different opportunities FCCLA has to offer.