BHS seniors leave their art on campus walls

Emmy Furman, Ad Manager

BHS has many traditions that keep students engaged and excited to participate. Throughout high school, students look forward to making their mark on the school.

   One of the many rituals that help students do this is the painted squares for seniors in the art room.

   This project has not only encouraged students to leave behind a piece of them at their school, but also gave them a fun and creative activity.

   Senior Glori Hammye enjoyed the art square project because it signified that she would be graduating and taking the next step in her life soon.

   For her, it was also a meaningful picture. “I painted a dancer because I have always been in dance and it is a part of who I am,” she said.

   Glori also incorporated the colors of a sunset since those are her favorite.

   Senior Chloe Medlock was also excited to get to leave her mark on the school. “It gets to stay there forever,” she said.

   The painting was inspired by Picasso, and her color choices were also planned. “I went with a red theme because I wanted it to be more human-like.”

   Chloe took a diverse approach to her painting, as her goal was to confuse the viewer with her design.

   For senior Gavin Price, the project was a success, as his ending product was “great.”

   “It was inspired by an anime called Naruto,” he said. “I really liked the way it turned out.”

   Seniors Bella Fiedler and Breckyn Beaty took this activity as an opportunity to express their friendship on the walls of BHS.

   Their squares are based off of the Powerpuff Girls cartoons. “I thought Bubbles [the character] would be fun and cute,” Bella said, “and it is nice to leave our mark at the school.”

   Breckyn added that she and Bella think very much alike, so correlating their projects was perfect. “Isabella and I match energies on a lot of aspects in our life and have basically the same thought process.”