BHS adding two new course options for students

Seth Jarvis, News Editor

   Burlington will be getting two new classes for the 2021-2022 school year. One will be an apparel construction class, and another will be a veterinary science class.

   Julie Carden, agriculture instructor, is who will be teaching veterinary science the next school year.

   The core of the class will be to further student’s skills in animal science and animal skills. There will also be veterinary science labs as well.

   When asked why she was starting this class, she had this to say:

   “Many students are interested in animals and animal science pathways, but there is nothing for them to take after Advanced Animal Science. So this is a way for them to further advance their skills.”

   Another course that is going to be added in the 2021-2022 school year is sewing. It will be taught by Pamela Babb, who is the current FACS teacher. She explained that she has been sewing since she was 10 and that she taught classes like this at previous schools.

   Students who take the one will learn how to work with zippers, hooks/eyes, buttons, various seams, and seam finishes. There will also be a series of projects that they will complete using these skills.

   “Apparel construction is NOT a craft… there is design, creativity, a specific skill set that is learned and practiced…There are businesses in the Kansas City area who are looking for skilled workers in the apparel construction area,” she stated.

   She will have 12 machines open for that class, which means that the  roster is capped at 12 people. Students will also have to pay for and provide their own fabric, but she will work with them to make sure cost is not a problem.

   Burlington is certainly growing for the future. These classes add more opportunities for students.