Academic BHS club fosters community, competition in students

Jacob Dugar, Editor-in-Cheif

It is down to the wire. Both the opposing team and your own have 30 points, and it is the second tie-breaker question. Then, your teammate interrupts the question, taking a major risk in doing so, and gets it right, sending you and your team to State.

   This is a situation that occurred for the Scholars’ Bowl team on Feb. 1 at Regionals, but what is Scholars’ Bowl?

   It is a club at BHS that has, “…competitions that are basically trivia competitions with questions from different categories like history, math, current events, etc,” according to senior member Allie Schneider.

   As for participants, there are only 14 members, as opposed to the usual 25, as stated by coach Gayle Haselhuhn.

   Senior Seth Jarvis added, “We have no officers. We are an anarchist commune.”

   This year, the club has had its home meet, Regionals, seven additional meets, and its League competition.

   Since the team got first place at Regionals, they were scheduled to attend State on Feb 13.

   Coach Haselhunn also recognizes the individual talents of each member.

   Seth excels at history, Allie rocks with music, and senior Sierra Haddock is proficient and fast with foreign language, just to name a few.

   For training, the club has biweekly meetings every Tuesday and Friday, coupled with the occasional meet.

   The club also makes shirts every two years, but this year was an exception.

   No shirts were made, but the team was able to eat out more with the leftover funds. This was something team members liked.