Seniors express stress, excitement, melancholy for completion of year

Mckinley Anderson, Editorial Editor

   The definition of senioritis is when a senior is done with high school and is ready to escape. Most freshman, sophomores, and juniors have things to look forward to.

   Since they are not seniors, they can look forward to things such as advancing on a sports team and going to Prom. As seniors, they have done everything there is to do and therefore there is no more excitement.

   Just that there is no more excitement, that does not mean there will not be memories to miss. They are leaving things behind.

   Senior Addison Varvel says, “I’m going to miss my younger friends and the teachers. I’m not going to miss wearing masks all the time, and being in a town where I am not able to be myself.”  She will also not regret every day being the same thing.

   “I’ll miss the freedom of it and my classmates who are going to different colleges. I will NOT miss waking up at 6 am,” says senior Taven Allen.

   A lot of seniors separate after high school and do not speak again. It can be really hard to leave someone, especially when you have been in the same class as them for multiple years, or even since preschool.

   Senior Braden Sloyer says, “I’m going to miss being so close to all of my classmates and other students. I’m not going to miss the long school hours.”

   Senior Alex Cornine is going to miss seeing friends everyday as well as teachers Mrs. Parker and Mrs. Haselhuhn. Alex will not miss high school drama and Algebra II.

   The teachers we have had in high school have made a huge impact on our lives. They have become our friends and role models.

   Most seniors can say it was good while it lasted, but it is time to move on.