Young virtuosos grace Burlington halls

Brylee Huber, Chief Editor

   Throughout Burlington High School, there is a plethora of talent and skill. Some of these are recent ventures, but many students have been practicing their entire life in one field.

   Senior John Howard, who can beautifully play the piano, said “I started in first grade, it took me a week to figure out how to play basic chords and scales. It was the easiest thing I’ve ever done.”  He plays other instruments, such as the trombone, as well.

    When asked if he would have wanted to begin learning earlier, he said “No, I don’t think I would have wanted to start in kindergarten.”

   Another talent in BHS is art and design. Seniors Cassidy Combs and Sammi Cofer both have a natural knack for this creative field.

   Cassidy said, “I did not have any lessons or anything. I feel like I just had the talent and slowly discovered it as I aged. I feel comfortable where I’m at; I don’t think I would’ve cared in the past.”

   Sammi had a similar response. She said, “So I didn’t have any training at a young age; I just liked making art and realized that’s what I was naturally good at. I’ve slowly had to learn a couple things, but for the most part it’s been somewhat easy from the start. I’ve been scribbling stuff as far back as I can remember, so I think I started as soon as I could comprehend what pictures were.”

   The two, however, differed when it came to whether or not they would want their hobby to contribute to their career.

   Cassidy said, “As a career no, I don’t want my passion to turn into ‘homework’ and a stress. It will stay a hobby.”

   However, Sammi plans on going into fashion, and she says that her natural art ability greatly assisted her in this.

   Another prodigy is senior Bryleigh Isch in singing. She said, “My first performance was when I was four. I started voice lessons in eighth grade, and I did them for about a year. I don’t really wish I had professional work; it’s just something I like to do. And I really value it. I would absolutely still want to sing if I went back to my childhood. It brings joy to my family members and has been really important to some of them. My Grandpa Dale says I get it from him.”

   Bryleigh has also auditioned for “America’s Got Talent” and been in singing roles in musicals.