Stuco plans events, helps decide building policies

Seth Jarvis, News Editor

There are many different clubs within the school that have a variety of different goals. There is one place where all can meet and decide on ways to improve the school and run events. This is the student council.

   There are 23 members on this council. Senior Libby Stadel is president, junior Karlie Whitworth is vice-president, and senior Allie Schneider is secretary, according to   sponsor Melissa Hayes.

   Stuco completes several events over the course of the year. So far, they have run Homecoming and attended a virtual Stuco event with other councils from the state.

   “Stuco helps a lot in organizing big events such as Homecoming and Spring Fling. It also builds good leaders,” explained Libby.

   Later this year, they are going to do Adopt-a-Family, Anti-Stress Week, and Winter Homecoming.

   “My presidency stands out this year because they are excited to tackle new ideas after brainstorming during our regional conference. We meet once a week,” said Mrs. Hayes about the current leadership.

   Libby also explained the characteristics that are within a good Stuco member.

   She stated that a good representative is someone who is outgoing, a leader, and creative.

   Some additional activities they do, such as voting and listening to speeches, are very important to make sure all voices are heard and understood.

   This club adds a way for everyone in the school to have their voices heard.

   For example, a number of students wanted to start a new club called the Gay Straight Alliance. One of the parts of the process was to have this organization approved by the majority of the members.

   Allie said, “I’m happy to be apart of this process, it feels like I am reallymaking a difference.”