Scouts fly high to reach honor

Brylee Huber, Editor-in-Cheif

Throughout Burlington High School, there are many students striving to gain awards geared towards character and hard work.

   Eagle Scout is the highest rank that boys in Boy Scouts can achieve, but there are many steps that must be completed before.

   To achieve this, one must complete an Eagle Scout project that betters the community.

   Senior John Howard explained the steps: “Develop ideas for a plan, choose the one you like the most that will have the most impact on the community, design an outline for it, and present it to the Eagle board.

   “Once they approve it, gather the materials and help for it, start construction, but take it slow so no mistakes are made; then finish the project and get it approved by the Eagle board.”

   John has completed his project  of adding a directory to Stringtown Cemetery, and he has officially been ranked up to Eagle Scout.

   Trevin Myers, senior, is currently in the process of gaining his award by helping a local Catholic church with various jobs.

   He said, “In order to get it, you have to go through six ranks of Scouting. Through each rank, you learn core things about life, such as leadership skills and how to handle yourself.

   “On each level, you have to earn merit badges in all different things like camping and fire making, but also leadership. The cherry on top is that I’ve worked since fourth grade on bettering myself through Scouts.”

   Trevin is close to completing his project, and senior Seth Jarvis is another student who has already earned the rank of Eagle Scout. He helped refurbish a simulation lab at Newman Hospital in Emporia.

   All of the boys agree that their projects have only brought positive things to their lives.