Students get jump start on upcoming occupations

Madaline Turner, Sports Editor

Are you looking for a reason to get out of this building? Or maybe you are looking for a head start for your career after high school?

   Flint Hills Technical College offers these solutions to your problems.

   Many kids from Burlington High took this opportunity to spend the first portion of their day at the FHTC campus.

   Seniors Taven Allen, Kenny Glenn, Austin Hazlett, Anna Saueressig, and juniors Owen Marchant, E’owynn Codney, and Thomas Unruh all take classes at FHTC in the mornings.

   At the campus you can choose from a variety of electives.

   The following students take Computer Graphics or Coding classes: Taven, E’owynn, and Anna.

   These students take Welding,  Power Plant Technology, Industrial Engineering Technology, or Network Technology classes: Owen, Thomas, Kenny, and Austin.

   Many BHS kids are taking college classes during their high school years because they want to get their Associate’s Degree at the same time as their high school graduation.

   “My plans are to graduate with my Associate’s in Welding and go work on the pipeline,” says Owen.

   Owen also likes how he does not have to waste gas by driving to FHTC everyday, for BHS provides a van for each of the students to ride in instead.

   “The van leaves at 7:00 A.M. and they arrive at the college around 7:50 A.M. Sometimes we even get to stop for food,” explains E’owynn.

   If you are interested in taking an elective at FHTC in your upcoming years, then make a visit to the guidance office.

   “If you have a 2.3 GPA or higher, then you also qualify for the BHS high school scholarship program,” says Mrs. Bolen.

   They have FHTC virtual campus tours as well as in-person meetingsthat are available for you as well.