Readers’ organization looking to broaden their horizon

Brylee Huber, Editor-in-Chief

   Book Club at BHS is growing in many ways this year. It will feature an array of different styles of reading for every type of reader.

   In the last few years, a common theme amongst the selected material was in the science fiction or fantasy genre, but Book Club sponsor and librarian Diane Marshall wanted to change things.

   She wrote in an address to club members, “My goal this year is to ‘Read the World.’ I want to stretch your experiences by offering books from cultures and situations that most likely differ from your life here in Burlington, Kansas.”

   So far, readers have already finished and discussed Buried beneath the Baobab Tree, which featured Islam and Christianity in modern Africa, and the dangers both groups face.

   Currently, members are reading the book The 57 Bus. The main character is agender and pansexual, and many difficult topics are addressed, such as mass killings.

   Book Club itself has also grown tremendously. Just a few years ago, there were no male members, and less than 10 of the girls were regularly attending meetings. .

   Now, there are at least 20 members, some of whom are boys. Attendence has grown much over the past year.

   Freshman Chandler Wright said, “I think it’s important to put people outside of their norm or their comfort zone in all aspects of life, including reading.”

   Another member, senior Glori Hammye, who has been a Book Club member for four years, said, “[Now] that our club is growing, these books will really help every person feel welcomed, since there should be a book for each one of us.”