Old yearbook shows decades of changes in Burlington High


The 1995 Senior Class photo was taken in the courtyard. This is the current Tech Lab. (PHOTO: Yearbook)

Seth Jarvis, News Editor

Burlington High School has gone through many changes over the years. Not many people within the building today know how things used to be. However, there are a few who still remember what it was like.

   One of these people is English teacher Sandy Loucks. She noted one of the physical changes of the school.

   “We used to have an open-air courtyard where the tech lab is now.  It had trees and cats, and people could eat lunch out there.  Then they bought a tech module program from England, and it became the tech lab.  I triple-team-taught English/Speech/Tech for a couple years, until the class morphed into Web Comm, and a lot of the machines went away.”

   Along with this, she mentioned how some traditions of the past faded away.

   “The faculty used to do a show for students.  I remember lip synching to Dolly Parton’s ‘Nine to Five’ with two volleyballs under my shirt.  Also, the women used to play the senior girls in volleyball, and the men played the boys in basketball.  I think we got too old.”

   Shop instructor Doug Stewart also had some things to say about the past.

   “Athletes used to play football games and baseball and softball at Kelley Park before the stadium and ball fields were built.”   

   He did note that the culture of the students has not changed much over the years, except for the increase in technology.

   He also stated that the Wildcat Cheer was created by Jim Kuhn.

   However, he said that the tradition of a senior trip ended up going away.

   Guidance counselor Susan Parks is someone else who remembers the days of old. She was in the last class that graduated from the old high school in 1979.

   “We had many traditions in that old building!  For example, there were two sets of stairs going upstairs to the library and classroom. One was on the south side of the building, and the other on the north side of the building.

   “One set was the ‘Up’ stairs and the other was the ‘Down’ stairs.  If you got caught by the upperclassmen going the wrong way, they made sure you knew which way was which!!!”

   Burlington High School, in different locations, has over 40 years of history within it. While the past may be gone, it still lives on in the memories of those who witnessed it.