BHS rushes to fill up school year

Emmy Furman, Ad Manager

   This school year looks a little different at BHS than it has in years past. Safety measures are now in place to protect students and staff from getting the virus.

   This year, the masks and social distancing are not the only changes BHS has seen. Clubs and activities are feeling the pressure since they are having to rush practices and meetings.

   Homecoming was moved up to Sept. 18 which means it is go-time for fall sports, especially football and football cheer.

   Junior Catherine Rohrer is a football cheerleader and believes the time scrunch is exhausting. “It is a little stressful knowing we do not have as much time to get the dance down,” she said.

   She also noted that the team has a few members who are quarantined. These girls have to learn the dance virtually. “This is difficult,” she said.

   Other cheerleaders are upset with how fast-paced the season is moving. Sophomore Kylie Price is an example.

   “Our squad has learned almost all of the Homecoming dance,” she said. She believes this is due to people anticipating school activities will be lost if there is an outbreak.

   Senior Chrissy Hall also has noticed how fast the team is learning.

   “I missed a day of practice and I had to learn the entire dance the next day. It felt like I was treading water with 50 pounds of weight around my wrist,” she said.

   Along with cheer, band is also in crunch time for learning their show. Senior Allie Schneider is feeling the stress of learning so many songs at once. She noted that they are not normally so worried about mastering the show by the first game, but this year they are.

   “If we get to have a Glow Show and Homecoming, we will have to learn extra songs on top of that. Usually, we learn those after we already learn the entire show,” she said.

   The football team is also moving quickly this year. Senior Gavin Finnerty feels like he and his teammates have to work a lot harder.

   “We have to practice; that way, we are at the same level we are every year during Homecoming,” he said.

   He knows the team has to try their best to make it just like the other Homecomings they have had.

   Football games are not the only one being affected by the schedule. Volleyball is also on the move. They are trying to practice for their first game since it was supposed to be  Senior Night.

   Senior Chloe Medlock has noticed the season looks a little different this year. “Senior Night is normally later in the season, and there are more games in September now,” she said.

   With coronavirus cutting last year short, clubs never had the opportunity to vote on officers. Now they are having to squeeze in their elections all at one time.

   Senior Seth Jarvis is a part of many groups and just has been elected as NHS president. He said, “Most clubs are jumping straight into elections. They kind of need to have officers.”