Issue #10: What can you do during quarantine?

Allie Schneider, Entertainment Editor


Courtesy Photo
Grace Breshears works on her yoga poses.

During these times when we are stuck inside, everyone is doing what they can to keep busy. Some of these activities are things that some have done previously, but others are expanding their reach on life and trying out brand new things.

BHS students are no exception to this and have found some pretty interesting ways to fill their time.

Junior Braden Sloyer has been helping his dad with various projects along with doing crafts, like one of his recent projects: an axe-throwing board.

He not only has started new hobbies, but he has found that he has more time for things he already enjoyed, like working out.

Sophomore Derek Jesse is a student who has not slowed down at all during this time.

He is working for a farmer for the same hours that he would have been in school. “I’m learning things that I may not have gotten to during school, which is nice.”

Senior Abby Finlayson has found herself doing all she can to assist her grandparents in her free time. “I always love helping them, but I’ve got so much time that I’ve been able to help out so much more.”

She recently helped her grandma get her rose garden planted, although she still takes some time for herself and takes her dogs on walks often.

Junior Abby Sleezer, during this time, has been doing all sorts of work. Not only is she working hard on improving her photography website, but, as an editor, she has been bringing together this year’s yearbook for everyone to enjoy. This has been a lot for her so she tries to balance this out with doing more art-related activities.

Junior Trevin Meyers is in the same boat as many during this time and has been playing many more video games like Rocket League and Forza 4, but also has occupied his time doing assorted yard work. Not only this, but he has been able to work out more.