Issue #10: Students debate best Presidential candidate

Seth Jarvis, Editor-in-Chief


Carlee Broyles expresses her preference in her senior portrait

A pandemic is raging across America. However, the 2020 election is right around the corner. It appears that it will be Joe Biden vs. Donald Trump. The students of BHS have a variety of opinions regarding the election.

Junior Jaren Garland does not like either of the candidates. Politically, he has described himself as an “anarcho-capitalist.” Under a political system like this, the government itself would be very weak. Jaren also put forward that he does not like the federal government.

Junior Emilea Furman is another person who does not like either of the candidates. She feels that Biden is very similar to Trump, except for the fact that he is a bit more liberal. She stated there are concerns that Biden may have dementia.

Junior Allie Schneider has stated that she supports Biden in the election, despite not agreeing with him fully.

“Personally, my views are much more democratic. So I do stand by the phrase ‘vote blue no matter who,’” she explained.

Allie went on and talked about how she disagrees with many of Trump’s policies.  She does not want to see him reach a second term; however she does not fully support Biden’s views either.

Her preferred candidate in the 2020 election was Bernie Sanders.  She agrees with his plans to raise teacher pay, raise the minimum wage, and end offshore drilling. She also likes his policies that will reduce carbon emissions.

There are many students at BHS who support the 45th president. One of them is senior Noah Smith.

“Because his social and fiscal political views align with mine, the economy has done great under him, the people around him are well-qualified for their jobs, and he has handled every crisis well,” he explained.

Noah also stated that he favors Trump’s “America First” policy. He likes the fact that the president has dropped out of agreements that he believes are unfair to the United States. He also enjoys Trump’s support of Israel.

He also had a few things to say about Biden voters.

“I respect your opinions and I don’t necessarily agree with everything Trump says or does, but overall I think he is the better candidate out of the two.”

Junior Brian Payer is another student who supports Trump. He likes the fact that the POTUS supports farmers, protects the borders, supports the military, and helps with beef imports.

“Everything…all they do is try and get Trump out of office. Ever since he was elected, all they have done is try to remove him. They haven’t focused on their job,” he said when asked about what he thought about liberals.

Junior Aiden Caldwell also supports Trump in the 2020 election. He believes that he has helped the economy. Aiden also had a few things to say about the current political divide.

“They can support who they want, but it would be nice if every Democrat and Republican could work together.”

The 2020 election is sure to be a relatively intense one. The students of BHS all seem to have their own thoughts on the matter.