Issue #10: Stadium lights up to celebrate students

Caedon Berkenmeier, Sports Editor

   Due to the recent coronavirus pandemic, the high school year of 2020 was cut short for seniors and athletes. This is valuable time that the Senior Class will never be given, and also a chance to compete was stripped from the spring athletes.

However, BHS has decided to take part in the National “Be the Light” campaign. It is a campaign about hope in which the lights symbolize hope, strength, togetherness, and the brightness of the students of BHS.

Assistant principal/athletic director Dave Watkins said that they did the lights to recognize, not only those groups, but all USD 244 students who are struggling during this time.

“As a school district we wanted to honor our students in a way that was visible to our community and around our state.” Mr. Watkins hopes that the campaign will shine some hope and the understanding that the district will get through this together.

The lights were turned on April 14t to recognize the spring athletes, and on April 17t for the seniors and all of the students of BHS. Also, they are scheduled every Friday evening until May 15. They will be turned on at 8:20 and left on for 20 minutes to reflect those numbers.

Senior Grace Hess, who was also planning on playing softball this spring, believes that igniting the stadium was a very kind gesture. “It has been hard these last couple of weeks not being able to finish senior year the way I wanted to, but the school and teachers continue to try and help us through these final weeks.” She hopes that they can still have an awesome graduation.

Sophomore Eli Crutchfield sees the act as helpful, but still not enough for the seniors. “They have lost their last year of high school, and there is nothing anyone can do to make that up.”

Another sophomore, Ty Anderson, said, “It shows me that people in our community care for, not only the people who attend high school, but all schools and all ages.” It really shows that the staff cares about each other and the community.

To senior Kaiti Mefford, the turning on of the lights means that the school is wanting to honor the kids who have lost part of their senior year, but also honor every other student who has lost their year as well. She really likes that it is about everybody.

She believes that it is a good thing, but that it is also reminding people of what they have lost. She said, “In a way, it is not allowing us to [just] put it in the past.”

Deputy B. Barrett
All three fields glow in honor of athletes and seniors.