Issue #10: Online shopping surges during pandemic

Emmy Furman, Editor-in-Chief

Elliott Burns considers buying a guitar from a favorite site.

During quarantine, BHS has been staying home a lot more than usual. This makes for a higher screen time levels.

For a lot of people, this boredom leads to overspending on online stores. This reporter is also guilty of spending her entire paycheck online.

Senior Grace Breshears has also been lured into the world of internet stores. “I have been shopping because now I am babysitting every day, and I cannot spend money in person,” she said.

She has been shopping on Ulta and Sephora for skincare and makeup products, and also buying car accessories on Amazon.

Since this quarantine falls right before summer, many students have been preparing by stocking up with summer necessities.

Sophomore Maggie Jarvis is making sure she has everything she needs for summer 2020. “I have ordered six bikinis so far, and I am not stopping,” she said.

She has also been coping by working on her tan with her new Maui Babe Browning Lotion.

Many students are also using access to online stores as retail therapy. For some, shopping helps them deal better.

Chloe Medlock and Breckyn Beaty, juniors, buy things electronically for this reason. “All the holes in my heart from corona trauma are finally healing now that there are bikinis in my shopping cart,” Breckyn said.

Chloe also mentioned that purchases help her overcome the loss of school and her spring activities.

For others, quarantine means more time to work. With these extra hours, they may just want to blow their paycheck online.

Junior Elijah Caldwell agrees. “I have been working a lot more and there is nothing else to do but spend it.”

This community has been through a lot these past months, but always remember, at least it has the internet during these hard times.