Issue #10: Many of those quarantined have failed goals

Zach Garner, News Editor


Brylee Davis
Catherine Rohrer demonstrates how not to succeed at dieting.

COVID-19 has put the world in a bit of a predicament. People are told to stay at home, limit interaction with people, and make sure they are as clean as possible all of the time, but what people have been “trying” to do is stay in shape or watch what they eat. Has that really happened?

According to CNBC News, activity levels are down 39 percent during in the stay-at-home order. In other words, the world is being lazy and doing absolutely nothing.

Then there is this community and school. What are students doing, or trying to do, to stay active and healthy?

Sophomore Derek Jesse had plans to work out every day with his older sister Madison, but they stopped doing it just after two weeks. “We still run every day, but not as much as planned.”

Senior Easton Burns brought up the fact that everyone is not in school and missing out on those things, which changes motivation. “People always look forward to having the chance to go to State in whatever they do in the spring, or having a great Prom. We were not expecting this whatsoever.”

According to freshman Kylie Garner, “I hate that we have to social distance. That has ruined my goal of attending Creative Arts Academy in June.”

She and her family try to go on bike rides every day. “But it can still be hard when you are doing things at home,” she said.

So, as Burlington looks at what will happen in the future of this never-ending pandemic, it can try harder to find ways to reach goals. Whether it be graduation, working over the summer, or meeting up with friends, this will all will take time, but it will definitely be worth the wait.