Issue #8: Summer plans remain iffy

Mckinley Anderson, Sports Editor

Many people’s plans were ruined by the coronavirus. However, they are still hoping that it will work out.

These individuals actually had extravagant things scheduled for the summer; seniors had their trips, and some families did, too.

“Without all of the coronavirus rules holding my family back, we had planned to travel internationally,” says junior Braden Sloyer.  “Now that we have all of these rules, we are only traveling the U.S.”

Junior Addison Varvel says, “I was going to go to Colorado to see my aunt, and we were going to go hiking.”

She also mentioned that she wanted to work, make money, hang out with friends, and maybe go fishing a time or two. The virus may not last forever, so she could still make it happen.

Some people like to stay close to home and keep it simple. Even for an outgoing person, it is good just to stay home every once in a while.

“I just planned on landscaping, golfing, and hanging out with friends,” says junior Carson Hess.

Junior Cody Beal’s break was supposed to consist of working. His family may go to Tennessee to see relatives, but they do not really know for sure yet.

“I didn’t plan on much, just working, hanging with friends, and boating,” says senior TT Totty.

This reporter’s summer goals also included hanging with friends, going boating, and going to Louisiana.

Mckinley Anderson enjoys a previous summer. (COURTESY PHOTO)