Issue #8: Forensics team full of drama

Seth Jarvis, Editor-in-Chief

Burlington High School is home to many different groups. Many of these teams face compete against other schools to see who is the best. Forensics is one of these groups that Burlington houses.

There are about 15 people in this club. The co-captains are seniors Kameron Cole and Delani Nichols. The coach of the team is English teacher Holly Thomsen.

According to Kameron, forensics is all about speeches and monologues. Students prepare these, and then they compete against people in other schools. There are also acting competitions where teams of two work together to make a scene. It can either be a preplanned one or an improvised one.

“Typically, kids who like acting or public speaking don’t get to compete and be acknowledged for their talents, but with forensics, we get to,” explained Kameron when asked about what makes forensics special.

Delani noted how the team has been relatively successful this year.

“We had a smaller team this year with the amount of people going to each meet, but I think every time, several broke finals at least. I know for sure that we had people going to State already. As well, our One Act qualified for State. Also, a lot of the newer members are really excelling.”

Junior Glori Hammye explained how a typical meet day would go. Very early in the morning, they all take a van up to where they are competing on that day. Once they get there, they get their numbers and prepare for the day’s competition. They compete three times, and once that is all done, they see if they broke into finals. If one does well in finals, then he/she can receive a metal or go to State if it is a second or first place.

Freshman Lillyan Gerow joined forensics this year.  She described why she decided to become a part of this club.

“I thought it would be a good experience and lots of fun since it is dealing with acting.”

Lillyan has enjoyed her experience so far. She has met many new people and has got to do IDA with her best friend, Kylie Garner.

Sponsor Holly Thomsen explains meet procedure. (PHOTO: Kameron Cole)

As stated earlier, there are many different clubs in Burlington. This club will be attractive to those who love the art of drama.