Issue #8: Do you get enough sleep?

Caedon Berkenmeier, Sports Editor

Many researchers have found that teens should get eight to ten hours of sleep a night to function at their best ability. While some students are able to find this amount of sleep, some cannot.

Senior Grace Breshears is one student who was able to get in the minimum on most school nights. She said that she had a great bedtime schedule this year and no dark circles under her eyes, which was a very good thing.

“I was able to do this because I genuinely apply time for certain homework during my scheduled school day, so then by the time I get home, I have something simple that only takes about five minutes of my time.”

Grace believes that most students should be able to get a good amount of sleep because she was able to while being involved in sports and clubs.

Junior Braden Sloyer was also able to achieve eight hours of sleep before the school day. He did this by working hard during the day mentally and physically.

Braden felt well-rested to start his day.  He said, “I feel like eight hours is enough to get me through the day; however, an extra hour wouldn’t hurt.”

Unfortunately, if he gets less than six, he finds himself nodding off during the day. “Staying up late on my phone or playing video games causes me not to achieve eight hours, but that is a rare occasion.”

Junior Gavin Price said that he only got around seven hours of sleep during a normal school night. However, this is because he chooses to. He expressed, “I feel like seven hours was enough for me personally to feel good the next day.”

His phone is probably the main reason he did not get his extra hour in. “I tend to stay up a little later watching YouTube before I go to sleep.”

Sophomore Eric Pabon gets the same amount as Gavin.  He said, “It is just part of my daily routine. I deal with it fine most of the time, but some days I am more irritable.” His phone also causes him to stay up later than he would like without realizing it.



“Zzzzz.” (PHOTO: Brylee Davis)