Club is full of drama

Seth Jarvis, Editor in Chief

   Burlington High School has many different clubs that appeal to different kinds of people. Drama Club is one of those that people who love the stage will like.

   There are a total of 37 members. Senior Kameron Cole is the president. Senior Megan Sayler is vice president. Senior Delani Nichols and sophomore Elliott Burns are the promoters. Junior Seth Jarvis is the Stuco representative.

   According to theatre teacher, Michael Vander Linden, Drama Club is a very laid-back group that mostly helps with productions. However, there are also the Thespians, which is the more advanced group of Drama Club members. Thespians meet once a month.

   The Thespians do many things throughout the year. They sell popcorn and water before shows. In addition, they ran two escape rooms at the Recreation Center as a fundraiser.

   Thespians compete in acting and musical theatre. Along with these, there are Thespians who face off against others in technical theatre.    

   In addition, the Drama Club hosts various workshops throughout the year. Speakers come in and teach about theatre and the work that goes into it.

   “We push creativity and we are not afraid to get out of our comfort zone,” Mr. Vander Linden said, when asked about what this club does for students in the school.

   Kameron stated that the club gives students a fun environment that anyone can be a part of.

   Being a Thespian and being in the shows helps with being a member of the club.

   This group is very good for all of the creative students out in BHS.

Seniors Megan Sayler and Delani Nichols hand out popcorn for “Sister Act,” sponsored by the BHS Thespian group. (PHOTO: Kameron Cole)