Car wrecks very common

Brylee Huber, News Editor

   In Burlington High School, there are many students who have been through a car wreck. Some led to terrible injuries, while others barely left a mark. Here is what it is really like.

   Just a few weeks ago, on an icy day that school was still in session, junior Will Saueressig slid off the road and into a fence. His truck had only a small scratch, and he  did not even have one of those, he said.

   Still, small-town kindness shown through. Will said, “Within just the first 20 minutes, at least six cars stopped.”

   As he was not hurt, Will considered going on to school, but after waiting for the police to come, and because of his judgment of the still-too-dangerous roads, he decided to stay home.

   Around the same time, in the school’s parking lot, two students got into a small crash. Senior Zach Garner was one of the “crashees.”

   He said that his car had a tiny scratch from it, as it was more of a swipe than a crash, but his insurance went up a lot.

    Junior Allison Schneider was also in a wreck, was not as lucky when it came to her car being totaled.

   She said, “I was driving on a gravel road, going about 30, so a reasonable speed, and a deer ran out in front of me.

   “I didn’t know to just hit it, so I ran into the ditch. My car went all the way up into the field, down into the ditch, and back up on the road. It was a miracle that it was able to go all the way back home.”

   Junior Addison Varvel and freshman Rachael Hernandez were riding around oen weekend, when two deer hit them from either side.

   Senior AJ Lank, as well, was in a  large wreck when she was seven.

   As she was so young, her mom was driving, and AJ’s sister was on the driver’s side of the car.

   They were hit on the passenger side, so only AJ had bad injuries. She said, “I wasn’t wearing my seat belt, and because I was a little kid, I crawled under the seat. It crushed my arm, and my neck was in a brace.”

   AJ did not break her neck, but her arm and four ribs were not as lucky. Because of her injuries, she was in the hospital for a month.

   Sophomore Brylee Davis was not necessarily in a crash, but she did have the moment of fear of hitting another important life.”

   She said, “I swerved to avoid hitting a cat once. I ran into a ditch.”

   There are far more students who have been in wrecks who could not be interviewed. Some broke necks, legs, and jaws, while others were able to walk away without a dent.

Addi Varvel and Rachael Hernandez squat beside the crashed car after the incident occurred. (COURTESY PHOTO)