BHS students discuss over-involvement in clubs, activities

Emmy Furman, Editor-in-Cheif

   BHS offers a variety of clubs for students to participate in. Some individuals chose to be in almost all of them.

   This reporter decided to ask these students, “Does being in a lot of extracurriculars help or hurt your grade?”

   Some students believe that it can take a toll on your mental health or stamina; therefore it can hurt your grades. One of these students is junior Allie Schneider.

   “Sometimes adding anything can be a lot, which usually in the moment I am able to cope with, but eventually I crash,” she said.

   Junior Brylee Huber also agrees that it can be overwhelming. “Last year, I was involved in six or seven clubs, and it got stressful with all the meetings.”

   Sophomore Elliott Burns, who is an avid member of FFA, says that it can take a toll on his report card. “It affects my grades when I have to miss school for events.”

   Another student who is hurt by being in so many activities is junior Trevin Myers.

   “For me it affects my grades because I procrastinate, but mainly it hurts the club because I am never able to go to meetings during CAP since I am doing homework,” he said.

   Other students think it does not matter in their lives.

   Junior Chloe Medlock said jokingly, “If I was not in basketball or theater, I probably would still procrastinate my homework, but at least now I have an excuse.”

   Senior Breea McManus also is not poorly influenced by clubs. “Since it is not something that happens during my classes, it doesn’t hurt my grades. But I also do not go to all the meetings, so that may be why.”

   Neither is freshman Kylie Price troubled by her involvement in activities.

   “I enjoy the volunteerism that I do in Art Club, and my other clubs, like BASIC, take place in CAP or later in the evening, so they do not have an impact on my education.”

   Other students in Burlington love being in extracurriculars and believe that they keep them on track and focused.

   Junior Aleesia Hernandez enjoys being involved with her school. “It makes me able to be good at time management and organization since I have so many reminders on my phone.”

   Being busy means that students will have to make sure they are on top of their schedule.

   Taven Allen, junior, agrees. She also believes it keeps students in line.

   “You have a status to maintain when you are so involved, so it makes you want to stay out of trouble,” she said.

   Senior Delani Nichols is a part of almost every club at BHS. She recommends that everyone join lots of organizations before he/she graduates.

   “Being in as many clubs as possible has shaped my high school career greatly; being able to expand and explore one’s interests is one of the most important parts of high school.”

   This reporter agrees with Delani. High school is a time to have fun and make friends. Students at BHS make this school great by participating in the activities it offers.