Some willing to serve

Caedon Berkenmeier, Sports Editor

   High school graduates have a wide variety of options for their future after school. There are a select few at BHS, however, that know what they want to do, which is join the military.

   Junior Shalonn Wright has known this since he was a toddler. Shalonn said, “It all started when I was younger and received a toy helicopter as a gift. From that moment on, I have always wanted to be a pilot.”

   His plans are to join the United States Air Force after school to become one.

   “I come from a military family. My grandpa and grandma both served in the military. My grandpa served for over 43 years and has been my hero forever.” His cousin, Tyler, is in the army right now.

   The only thing Shalonn worries about is the PT training. This is because of his asthma and the required run of two miles under 12 minutes.

   “The toughest part will be being away from family. It will be hard, but I know I will enjoy traveling the world.”

   Another student who has plans of joining the military is junior Jaren Garland.

   Jaren has decided that he wants to join the Navy. He said, “It’s the best branch for work experience, and my grandpa was in it.” He wants to pay his grandpa back by serving for him..

   He is not exactly sure what area he wants to go in, but Intelligence Specialists is on his radar.

   Jaren plans on staying in until he gets enough money to retire and get a pension check.

   Junior Allie Schneider says that the possibility of joining the military is very high for her as well.

   She would, however, go to college first through the military’s program.

  This means they would pay for schooling, and then she would go directly in the service after.

   Allie plans on going into the Navy. “I lived on a Navy base in Washington for three years, and it is something that just feels comfortable.” Also, her dad served in that branch for 20 years.

   Allie wants to major in music in college and hopefully become part of the band for them. “The band travels all over playing music, which is two things that I love to do.”

    She says that she will stay in for the given time and then decide if she wants continue, based on how she feels at the time.

Jaren stands and honors the country during the pledge. (PHOTO: K Cole)