Local eateries battle as best place to work

Emmy Furman, Editor-in-Chief

   Living in Burlington, Kansas, does not allow for many options when it comes to food establishments, but the employees cannot agree on which one is superior.

   This reporter talked to the fast food workers of BHS to get the inside scoop on why each restaurant rocks.

   First up in the food fight is Subway. Senior Abby Finlayson and junior Aiden Caldwell both are sandwich artists at your local location. Abby enjoys working there because it is very clean compared to other greasier places in Kansas.

   Getting to eat the food is a plus. “Every time you work, you get a free sandwich,” she added.

   Aiden also likes the food. “Subway never gets old,” he said, “and it is healthy.”

   Next up is Sonic. Senior AJ Lank let this reporter know about all the perks of this establishment.

   “We have very nice managers, and they are very understanding. If you have homework they might send you home early,” she said. She also loves how their group is like a family, and how they can have fun while getting their work done.

   Another Sonic worker is junior Elijah Caldwell. He thinks that Sonic is the superior restaurant…because he works there. “Go tip me,” he said.

   Following Sonic is Dairy Queen. Junior Breckyn Beaty is a master Blizzard maker and enjoys working there. “The cooks handle the food with care,” she noted.

   Senior Delani Nichols is an avid Dairy Queen goer and loves the quality of service she gets. “I went to DQ and they made me a secret menu Blizzard that I found on Tik Tok. Best service I have ever gotten!”

   Next is Pizza Hut. Junior Shalonn Wright, who works there, thinks that Pizza Hut is superior because they deliver straight to your doorstep.

   Another food option in Burlington is the hospital. It sounds weird, but a lot of Burlingtonians like eating at the restaurant there because the food is so good. Junior Braedon Berkenmeier is a cook and believes it is the best option for food.

   “The place is always sanitized and the food is real,” he added.

   Last but certainly not least is the pool concession stand. It is a hit among swimmers and lifeguards alike. Junior Trevin Myers is a lifeguard and loves the food from there.

   “When you are swimming at the pool and get hungry, you can get out and grab a quick bite and then get back to swimming,” he said.

   At the end of the day, the citizens of Burlington can agree that every fast food restaurant is valid and appreciated.