Club is for community service

AJ Lank, Editorial Editor

   There are several clubs within the halls of BHS. FCCLA, which stands for Family Career and Community Leaders of America, is one of these.

   The officers of this club are president and district officer sophomore Paige Akers, vice president and Stuco rep junior Myka Watkins, vice president of finance sophomore Kye Van Patten, and vice president of public relations sophomore Josie Stadel.

   The sponsor for FCCLA is Pamela Babb. While she is new to BHS staff, she jumped at the opportunity to sponsor this club.

   When asked about anything she would like BHS to know, Paige had a lot to say.

   She explained that there are four different levels of FCCLA which include Chapter (the school), District (all the schools around), State and National.

   She also explained that there are several competition opportunities. However, they are not called competitions; they are called STAR Events.

   STAR stands for Students Taking Action with Recognition. There are several different options for members to choose from and could include doing community service and presenting a project or even pitching a business idea.

   FCCLA takes part and hosts several community events. Some of these include several community service projects, hosting all hospitality rooms for games and events held at BHS, Wolf Creek children’s Christmas party, as well as co-hosting the Senior Citizens’ Dinner with FBLA.

   When asked if there was anything else she wanted BHS to know about FCCLA, Paige said, “Umm you get free food, too.”

   Overall, FCCLA is very involved  within this community and continues to be an influence in BHS halls.