Certain decades have attractive attributes

Seth Jarvis, Editor-in-Chief

   There are a lot of people living on the Earth in the year 2020. However, there are some who would rather live in a previous era.

   Freshman Rachael Hernandez wishes she was in the 80’s. She explained that it was a very fun decade, especially with the clothing.

   Freshman Trey Faimon wants to live in the 1970’s. He believes this would be a much more relaxed time period to be in.

    Another student who was born in the wrong decade is sophomore Emma Yunk. She stated that everyone was happy until the Great Depression came along and ruined everything. She explained that she would live in the 20’s, until the 1930’s came along.

   Senior Grace Breashears is completely fine with the present era.

“I’m currently thriving, and I love myself. Plus, I’m alive right now.”

   Junior Allie Schneider dreams of living in ancient New Zealand. She would live near a river that flows slowly. She would work on domesticating the animals that lived near her, and food would not be a problem, as she would grow all of it herself. Every day, she would wear beautiful dresses.

   Junior Brylee Huber wants to live in ancient Scotland. There, she would become part of the Druid religion. She would also pray to fairy wells.

   Like Trey, sophomore Kylie Stevenson explained that the 70’s would be the best decade to live in. The hippies added a whole lot of spice to that period.

   Like Rachael, sophomore Javier Malumbres says he would choose the 80’s. There were a lot of parties in that era, according to him.

   Burlingtonians have a diverse range of time periods they admire. Their personalities and personal beliefs lead them to choose   the place that is best fit for them to live in.