Festive year planned for Spanish-themed group

Brylee Huber, News Editor

   Spanish Club, sponsored by Spanish teacher Sam Samuelson, is focused on spreading information about other countries.

   He said this about the club, “[The club’s purpose is] to give kids the opportunity to learn about other cultures.”

   They do so through their monthly meetings and activities, which change depending on the year and the members’ interests.

   The student officers, president Delani Nichols, vice-president Kameron Cole, secretary Dakota Jesse, treasurer Emmy Furman, and Stuco rep Carson Hess are usually the deciding factor in what the year will have in store.

   “My favorite part is being with people who share a common interest in the Spanish culture,” said Delani.

   In the past, a Spanish Club favorite was going on a trip to Kansas City to go see a movie released in Spanish.

   This, however, is no longer available to them, so they have been finding other fun and important things to do that will fill that space.

   Something currently in the works is a Nacho Night. All of the club members would bring a topping, and Mr. Samuelson would put on the movie Nacho Libre as they ate.

   In the past, they have also done things such as hire professional instructors for dance lessons and go to the elementary school for a morning-long “Fiesta Day.”

   A recent favorite among many clubs was the Christmas twine ball present. The gifts are wrapped in many layers of twine or Seran Wrap, and people pass it around like in hot potato. Whoever has it once the music is over gets whatever is inside.

   Spanish Club also did this, for it is originally a Spanish tradition.

   Mr. Samuelson added, “This club has only $3 dues, so it’s more affordable…and the t-shirts are only $9.00.”

   Compared to the clubs that have a mix of dues and t-shirts, equalling over $25, the total of $12 is far more doable.

   Overall, this is one of the few groups at BHS that focuses on getting students out of the town for a while, whether they are learning, eating, dancing, or reading.

Sophomore Josie Stadel makes paper flowers at a winter Spanish Club meeting. (PHOTO: Cadence Doebele)