Burlington club focused on giving back

Zachary Garner, News Editor

   Champions of Character is a student led group created to provide leadership opportunities for the individuals who are a part of the club, according to club sponsor Dave Watkins.

   He also said that they provide service activities for both the community and school. This includes Drive One for Your School, food drives, and SAFE, which stands for Seatbelts Are For Everyone.

   Drive One took place in September of last year, and the resulting money was just under the goal they were hoping to reach.

   The group held a food drive in December to raise money and collect canned food items for God’s Storehouse.

   Champions of Character also does an annual seat belt check where they give students a dollar for wearing their seat belt.

   “This club has activities designed to help mold leaders, not only at school, but also in the future,” said Mr. Watkins.

   Senior Topainga Hernandez said that she enjoys the club because being a leader of the school really gives an empowering feeling, and they are always looked up to.

   “We do a lot of fun activities that gives everyone a chance to be involved, and I believe that getting everyone into the school spirit makes our school much more unified.”

   She also said that it feels great to be looked up to by other classmates, and that it gives a really good feeling.

   In order to be considered for this organization, a student must get an application form from Mr. Watkins.

   He then checks with teachers.

Sophomore Karli Whitworth sits in at a Champions of Character meeting. (PHOTO: Brylee Davis)