BHS students discuss their personal role models

Allison Schneider, Entertainment Editor

   Superheroes. People have their opinions on them – either hate them or love them – but what about a third option? The chance to be one.

   Most children can remember running through the house with a towel tied around their neck, pretending like they could fly, but what if people took that childhood fantasy a step further and truly imagined what their superhero alter ego was?

   Someone might even prefer to be a villain who attempts to rule all of the city with an iron fist.

   Junior Cassidy Combs ideal power would be that, whenever she whispers, it would be projected into people’s ears x 10000. This is a more defensive power but could do some harm.

   Cassidy’s suit would resemble one of a siren. Once these creatures used their voices for DESTRUCTION.

   Whisperion is the name she saw most fit. “It’s mysterious but gives you just enough razzle dazzle,” she commented.

   Imagine always having a furry friend there when you are stressed; this is what sophomore Brylee    Davis’s power would be.

   She would only need a simple Thanos-snap of her fingers, and herds of felines would appear.

   “The cats will all be a mixture of calicos, but at least one Foster-looking one for Dan,” Brylee imagines. She felt the name The Cat Caller would suffice for this perfect power.

   The outfit would simply be sweats and a t-shirt to fit the level of comfiness she will feel when the cats appear.

   Sophomore Becky Asay says she would have majestic wings, and she would save the day no matter what it was, even if it was something like saving a cat from a tree.

   The wings would resemble Maleficent’s, so obviously her name would be Maleficent. Despite the not-as-nice character the name comes from, she would be as good as they come.

   Junior John Howard wants the power to get out of conversations.   “It would be nice to get out of this one,” he said.

   His name is Disappearo, fitting his quick get-away from anything he does not want to be at.

   His outfit would be that one pimp suit he has to fit his villainesque feel.   He cannot use his powers unless the pimp suit is on.