Social media is desocializing teenage dating field

Brylee Huber, News Editor

Many students in BHS are growing frustrated with the effects social media has on their lives and relationships, and they feel it is getting in the way of real connections.

   A majority of the problem comes from being dated over Instagram and other apps. Some have said that it appears cowardly and weak.

   One such person is Chrissy Hall, junior, who said, “I have been asked out over social media, but I always tell them no and that they should ask me out in person.”

   There are many others who have also been flirted with, but, since someone can hide behind their screens, it is not expected for them to act the same way in person.

    According to, using a media platform to asked someone out on a date can help a person who is shy, but, although this may be true, many others have said that if a person is too shy to ask them out, there is little chance that the date will go well.

   Allie Schneider, junior, has also been asked out over a website. This person was an internet friend, meaning they met online, but she also did not find this method to be a comfortable situation.

   These are also the most innocent conversations that have happened. A  majority of people are sent pictures and texts that many find not appropriate, especially if there was no initiation in the first place.

   The reason so many consider this to be a problem  is that they find it to take away from feeling special.

   A  few believe that this is a female-only problem or a teenager issue, but it is not.

   All the parents and staff members spoken to said the same thing, that a lasting relationship is incredibly unlikely to be built upon  a person being asked out over the internet.

   As many have said, it is incredibly important that people remember that the internet is not a mask, and that a relationship is rarely started if there is no confidence in the beginning.