FCA beneficial to both students, school

Seth Jarvis, Editor

   Burlington High School is home to many different clubs. One of them unites athletics and Christianity. This is the Fellowship of Christian  Athletes.

   There are a total of 59 people in this group. The captain is junior Taven Allen, the co-captain is junior Sierra Haddock, the secretary is senior Grace Hess, and the treasurer is senior Keegan Kuhlmann.

   The promoters are sophomore Brylee Davis, sophomore Paige Akers, and junior Caedon Berkenmeier. The Stuco representatives are junior Braden Sloyer, and sophomore Emma Yunk.

   Taven explained that the club meets the first Thursday of every month at 7:00 AM. They also have a monthly CAP meeting.

   These gatherings are mainly focused on dealing with the more business side of things.

   The early morning meetings are where the club assembles and does things focused on worship. At the get-together, they have juice and doughnuts for snacks. Then, they play a game and afterwards they have a lesson. The session usually ends around 7:45 AM.

   FCA also is involved in a variety of school and community events. They are in control of Fields of Faith, a massive community worship event. In December, they do adopt a family, where they work to get a family in need gifts for Christmas. Along with these, they donate money to the American Cancer Association, according to Taven.

   FCA is an organization can also be really helpful for the people in the school.

   “It benefits the students because it starts a conversation about God,” she stated.

   In addition, she noted that the officers of the club all work hard to make sure everything runs well.

   Grace is one that has been involved in the club for all four years in high school. Taven described how helpful