Debate rises in school over viability of careers in art world

Brylee Huber, News Editor

   Movies tend to depict painters as failures, and magazines show poets as homeless men and women.

   Many, however, do not agree with this common opinion.

   According to some, art is not just people sitting in their basements crying. It can be anything from molding a sculpture to writing a book.

   Another common misconception is that jocks only take Art to get their fine arts credit.

   That being said, some of the most influential people in history, like Michelangelo and Van Gogh, were artists. said, “As artists, we are often told to take every opportunity that comes our way.“

   It is known to be one of the most difficult careers to get into, so someone who wants a job is going to do whatever he can to make it a viable option.

   Delani Nichols, senior, however, disagrees, “I think that artists who are good don’t usually try enough, and artists who are bad are just too bad to make it.”

   One of the major issues with careers in art is the lack of information available. It is easy to remember actors and singers, as they are in the spotlight, but there are thousands of artists behind the scenes as well.

   The most prominent way people can make money in art is through commissions.

   Commissions are specific orders by an individual. For example, someone could pay to have a painter paint their childhood home

   Art teacher Natalie Spangenberg agrees. “I have been commissioned for many projects, and they can give some pretty good money.”

   Art is also more than just drawing. Authors and poets are a form of artist. They can twist their words to make you see the same thing a photo can.

  Margaret Brucker, from, said, “In video games, artists are needed for the landscape, character design, and if it applies, the 3D characters and model rigging.”

   Photographers, animators, chefs, video game designers, and architects are all incredibly different, but they can also all be considered as in the art field.

   What many people need to remember is that there is a lot more to artists than a bunch of doodles. Someone who is willing to put in the needed effort is going to make money, no matter what they choose to do.

Christina Peters and Chloe Medlock work on projects. (PHOTO: K. Cole)