BHS students discuss activists of this generation

Allison Schneider, Entertainment Editor

In this year alone, many teenagers from all over the world have stepped up to fight for issues in the world that they believe should be changed.

   One who has been commanding a presence is Greta Thunberg. She has been fighting on the grounds of climate change and  has been traveling everywhere to spread her message.

   Although her life is in the public eye, there are people who disagree with what she is doing.

   “I think the activism in our generation is great, but it’s almost so passionate that someone doesn’t want to listen,” says junior Glori Hammye.

   In most of the speeches Greta has been heard giving, she ends emotionally with tears running down her face, but this seems to deter some people from wanting to support her.

   Besides this, age seems to be a factor that makes people not always support activists. Science teacher Tim Johnson does not think that this should be a problem.

   “Age should not be a limiting factor, but being informed is,” he states.

   This is something to always remember, for even Mari Copeny, commonly known as Little Miss Flint, is only 11 and has made strides on keeping the Flint water crisis still in the eye of the public.

   Despite her living through the crisis and helping give a voice to all the children in Flint, people still do not support her because of her age.

   “Adults don’t respect their opinions so it won’t do anything. If adults were to look at these kids as having valued opinions things might actually change and get better,” says junior Brylee Huber.

   This brings up a question. If grown ups took these kids’ opinions into consideration, would they find change in the world?

   Overall these activists are sometimes seen as children who are over emotional, but some see them as powerful activists who crave helping this world for its betterment.

Junior Brylee Huber believes that climate change is an important topic, and that young activists deserve more respect. (PHOTO: Brylee Davis)