Newcomers adjust for bigger workloads

Emmy Furman, Editor-in-Cheif

Joining high school can be a tough part of anyone’s life.

   For example, freshmen sometimes struggle with getting used to the amount of homework that they have.

   Freshmen at BHS are still getting used to this life and all the work that comes with it. Even though upperclassmen tend to see freshman year as the easiest, sometimes getting used to new things can prove it to be hard.

   This reporter asked underclassmen what the hardest thing they have faced in their new school has been. They all have had different experiences.

   The first is Rachael Hernandez. She believes that high school work is harder than the work she did in middle school.

   Even though the work does prove to be harder, she was told it would be a lot worse than it actually is. “It is not as bad as people made it seem,” she said.

   When asked what the hardest class she has this year is, she said it would have to be geometry. Most high schoolers can agree that no matter what grade you are in, geometry is always tough.

   The next student is Grant Hegg.”I like it better than middle school,” he said.

   Many freshmen like having the opportunity of having organizations like clubs and different types of sports that were not offered in middle school.

   Halle Finnerty says, “The work is not that different from middle school.” She does like the ability to join clubs as well.

   Aaliyah Cole also enjoys participating in things BMS did not offer, such as cheer.

   “Middle school did not have cheer,” she says. She also likes having more freedom in high school. She believes the teachers over there were more strict.

    Her hardest class is also geometry, and just like many other freshman say, she also thought that this year would be a lot worse than it actually is.

   Freshman Tremaine Boyle is not only joining high school but also coming from Trenton Middle School in Missouri.

   “Burlington is a little bigger than my old school,” he said. The average class size there was 60 kids.

   Trenton also had more hours at his old school. He believes the work is pretty easy this year.

   The next one, Teagan Harris, does not think that this is much harder than last year so far.

   The hardest hour she has is Earth  and Space Science. “It is really the only class we have gotten work in so far,” she said. She is enjoying the freedom and the ability to join clubs.

    Cloie Gamble told this reporter that high school has not been too hard for her. She is enjoying the amount of freedom she has here.

   She said, “Mr. Clapper is my favorite teacher.”

   Kylie Price also believes her hardest class is geometry. “It is the hardest at first because the notes are fast, so it was stressful.”

   Her favorite class this year is P.E.  She is enjoying having new clubs and sports to be apart of, too. “They are something new instead of just the basic sports.”

   Kylie thought the upperclassmen would not be as nice as they are.

   Obviously there are a lot more freshmen walking the halls than the ones in this story, so next time you see a nervous freshman, help him/her out a little.