Burlington welcomes new students from different schools

Emmy Furman, Editor

ndance of new kids rolling in. With so many new faces students may be wondering, “Where are all these kids from?” This reporter interviewed these kids so you do not have to.

Some students have attended Burlington before and decided to come back this year. One of these students is  senior Brooke Faimon.

Brooke attended Olathe Northwest after leaving Burlington. She noticed that Olathe was a lot more crowded than Burlington with about 600 people per class the teachers never establish relationships with these students.

The rules were also a lot less strict. “Being able to use phones in class was actually not good. Having them around actually distracted kids from doing work,” she said.

As for the people Brooke believes Burlington is less judgemental than her old school. “Olathe had a lot of cliques. People thought it was weird to hang out with people outside your ‘group.’”

The next new student is junior Samuel Griffin. He transferred  from Aberdeen Christian School in South Dakota.

His school was compiled of 80 students total, and he only had a class of 14. “I knew everyone pretty well.”

At his old school he had eight classes instead of only seven. He has also never heard of CAP before coming to Burlington. They did not offer breakfast at his school.

Sam has a lot of easier classes here in Burlington, seen as his old school pretty much only had honors classes.

“The people are more open and friendly here,” he said. Sam believes the people in Burlington say hi a lot more randomly than the people in South Dakota.

Sophomore Brock Zimmerman just transferred from Eureka. His experience so far has been a lot more tech-savvy than his old school.

In Eureka, he also had to attend more classes. His math classes were more advanced at his old school, so he is having an easier time with math in Burlington.

Brock believes that the students in Burlington are a lot nicer than they are in Eureka. He also loves the team aspect of the sports and how teams become more acquainted in Burlington.

Freshman Abby Crutchfield has been home schooled her whole life and is now entering public school. “My classes are a lot bigger now.”

School work is not any harder, but she is having a tough time getting used to waking up so early.

Freshman Lisa Summers came from Colony this year, which is a lot smaller than Burlington. “The work is not harder.”

Junior Elijia Yelton is from Yates Center. Burlington is bigger than his old school which makes it hard for him to find his way around.

Senior Linnea Mowry has just transferred from Lincoln High School in Minnesota. She used to have block scheduling so her schedule is a little different now. “The people are nicer here.”

Of course with the amount of new kids this year, this reporter could not fit them all into one story. The new kids not mentioned are the following: freshmen Amanda Harris, Raelyn Kelly-Stone, Brett Rand, Tremaine Boyle, Olivia Carty, and  senior Shelby Boyle.

Kameron Cole
The new students are terrified as they walk in the front door for their first day of school at BHS. (PHOTO: Kameron Cole)