BHS hosts two forgein students this year

AJ Lank, Editorial Editor


All acrss the world students travel to other schools and enjoy an unique experience.

Here at Burlington High there are two foreign exchange students.

All the way from Spain, the first student is sophomore Javier Malumbres.

When asked what he liked about the U.S. so far, he replied, “I really like a lot of things, but maybe the school, the houses, and especially the people.”

He went on to explain how different BHS  is compared to his, saying, “The food is really different most of the time we have foods like spaghetti.”

He also mentioned that in Spain they are always studying for one test or the other and most students hate the teachers.

He is currently residing with the Yurko family and is thoroughly enjoying his American experience.

The second exchange student at BHS is junior Dorotea Azzetti. She comes from the beautiful country of Italy and was willing to share her experiences so far.

As far as her favorite thing about the United States, she immediately answered sports. She is currently on the BHS volleyball team, and is in love with the sport.

On an opposite side of things, she said, “I struggle a lot with the language.” This being said, English  language can be rather challenging for those who don’t practice it every day.

She is residing with the Kelley family and is so grateful for their wonderful hospitality.

Overall, people should be so grateful for the ability to be able to share the American experience with  wonderful students from across the globe.

Kameron Cole
Sophomore exchange student Javier Malumbres points to his home country, Spain, on the map (PHOTO: Kameron Cole)