Many upperclassmen concerned with major lack of preparation for life

Allie Schnieder, Editorial Editor

Seniors, they have been in school for 13 years or maybe even longer. These 13 years have to been used to hopefully prepare them for what comes after high school: adulthood.

Do these seniors feel ready for college or their adult lives? There were mixed responses. Some feel yes, others not so much, but there are also some who were indecisive.

Many students like seniors Aliyah Shetler, Emily Whitney, Paige Sloyer, Alli Dunlop, Jordan Torrez, Josh Alford, and Sarah Unruh, all said they do not feel ready to do the most basic things that come with adulthood.

“I can tell you how tall a tree is with string and a CD, but I definitely don’t know how to do taxes or get a mortgage,” says Jordan.

This was a common thread among all of these people, most of whom unable to take the business classes that were introduced to the school this year.

This is a sad thought since these seniors are probably the ones who need it the most. So hopefully in the next years, BHS will be able to keep these classes to save the future generations.

Another thing that some of these students do not feel ready for is the giant jump from having their parents do a lot of their cooking, cleaning, and management to having to figure everything out themselves.

Paige is someone who has acknowledged this. “My mom still packs my lunch and gives me the right amount of Tylenol,” she says. However, she is excited to not have as many chores and branch out to new things.

Others like Aliyah relate to this but mainly on the cooking aspect. She feels that it is going to be one her biggest struggles because she is not the best at cooking as it is.

Though these classmates do not feel prepared on all ranges, most feel like that are ready for some aspects.

Students like Sarah and Emily say that the BHS teachers have done very well on preparing them for what classes are like in college and giving them the skills they need to do well in these classes.

“I feel Mrs. Parker has prepared me and most of the seniors very well for writing papers in college, especially since it’s something that almost every major will have to do,” Sarah says.

Emily agrees with this fact and believes that the BHS teachers have made it very clear that work needs to be on time, and, if you do not, your grades will fail.

Something that all are ready for is to branch out and see more of the world. These students can wait to meet new people, make new friends, and try new things. Alli has close to no fears when it comes to making friends and has full confidence in herself to be able to find people she will fit in with.

Though they all are excited to start this new life, they are sad to leave their friends and family, while most plan to come to visit as much as they can.

Though most fears relate to not knowing all it takes to be a full-fledged adult, some of the fears come with going to college and picking out what you are going to do with the rest of your life.

Josh right now knows what he wants to do, but fears in the future he might not want to do that. Understandably this could make anyone uncomfortable at the thought of being miserable in the job he spent years studying for.

Even if there are students slightly worried with what will happen, there are some that are almost fully confident in their skills. Daniel Gifford has faith that he has been prepared well enough to make it through; luckily he was one of the few seniors who had a spot open to be able to take one of the business classes.

Also, he knows how to cook. Though he is not fully confident, he believes he can figure it out.

Brannon is one of those who also feels good about what he is going to take in college, but, when it comes to the basic needs that everyone will need to learn, he is not as sure of himself, though he is excited to figure out what it takes to balance things like school, a job, and the time to enjoy college.

Although these seniors have fears for what is to come, they have the full support from their families and friends for whatever comes their way.

Aliyah Shetler stresses about cooking, considers investing in Ramen. (PHOTO: T. Hernandez)