BHS-ers share their initial occupations

Abbigale, Ad Mananger

by Abby Finlayson
During most high school students’ career, they go through a period of getting their first job. Yes, the big first responsibility…. one’s way of making some cash for the first time.
A first job seems to be a look into the future. Some day, all students will be living adult lives, working a job, making money. They will think back to their first job, maybe laugh, maybe smile. Here are some of BHS students’ first ones.
“You know, I like working at Dairy Queen,” says sophomore Emmy Furman with a shrug. “I run the register and it’s a fairly easy job.”
A handful of people got their initial employment working as a lifeguard, maybe started out working there as freshmen and sophomores. Most of them will say they love working the summer job, and it is pretty fun.
Dakota Jesse is one junior who is employed at the pool. She began the job as a freshman and moved up the ladder. During the 2019 summer, she is actually up for the Head Guard position.
Another first job that many people have is umpiring. Some of these people include Isaac Caldwell (senior), Grace Hess (junior), Noah Smith (junior), and many others.
“It was a very positive experience,” said Grace. “Since I am already experienced in softball, it was easy to transfer to being an umpire.”
Sandy Loucks, English teacher, admits her first job was as a Sonic carhop. However, she was disappointed to say that she never wore roller skates.
Junior Kaiti Mefford tells that hers was baby sitting. Most of the time, she just baby sits her little siblings.
“I like it, but it makes me not want to have kids later in life,” she said.

Emmy Furman makes a Blizzard at Dairy Queen. (PHOTO: Kameron Cole)