Forensics is State-bound

Emmy Furman, News Editor

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If one likes public speaking, acting, or sharing opinions, forensics may be the club to join.

Forensics is a competitive group for students to pick the activity that they would like to compete in. The different competitions include reading poetry, performing one act plays, giving persuasive speeches, improvisation, and many more, according to sponsor Holly Thomsen

The group has 25 members. The clubs officers are juniors Kameron Cole, president, Delani Nichols, vice-president, senior Anna Kitchen, publicity, and sophomore Allie Schneider, STUCO rep.

The club goes to competitions almost every Saturday. This year BHS has been in seven meets. This school hosted League, to, and there are 10 members qualified for State.

For the first time ever, forensics competed with a one act play. The one act also qualified for State. There are a few meets left this year.

Students who compete in these usually practice on their own time. Some contest material is required to be memorized, so students have to accomplish this on their own time.

Other competitions like IDA can not be practiced since they are improv. In that case students choose a partner and draw a scenario to act out.

Ms. Thomsen explained a unique angle about her club. “Actors don’t typically get the opportunity to compete, but in forensics that is what it is about.”

The club is also very versatile, and there is a competition for everyone.

Kameron said, “Everyone should try forensics at least once to get out of your own private comfort zone.”

The team takes a second place at Yates Center. (PHOTO: Holly Thomsen)

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