BHS Productions sells out theater with Grease

Zachary Garner, Sports Editor

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Kameron Cole
Junior Grace Breshears, chorus member, perfects her own face makeup backstage before the final showing of Grease. (PHOTO: Kameron Cole)

Grease has gone by, but what preparation is needed to run this and two other musicals in a year and keep everyone excited to take a part in the shows?

The last performance sold out two different times and made lots of money for the program. This was Grease. The main plot of the story is a greaser boy who has a relationship with a goodie-goodie girl, and they end up going to the same high school together, but what will come in the way of their love for each other?

There are 15 leads in the show and they all played huge roles. The main two are Danny and Sandy, who were played by seniors Tyler Carpenter and Jara Thorpe. The greasers include Kenickie, Sonny, Roger, and Doody and the pink ladies include Jan, Marty, Frenchy, and Rizzo.

“Every character had some funny lines within the show, and most of these actors fit the characters they played to a point,” said parent Heather Garner.

Tech Week was right after spring break the Friday before school started. What type of horrors do the students face when tech week rolls around, when things go crazy? The people just take care of it.

Director Michael Vander Linden said that he is always scared about the partner tricks that they do in the shows, too. “It is just my style of choreography.” He did mention that two of his veterans he would trust to do anything had a minor slip up and accidentally got hurt.

When it comes to the choreography, singing, and set design, there are many things that have to be taken care of to have a great show. For instance, during tech week Mr. V  told everyone that singing is much more important than choreography, but if they can be good at both, it will make the show so much better.

Freshman Deric Cole had this to say about the dancing and singing. “I was worried about keeping up with “Shaking at the High School Hop” and ‘Born To Hand Jive,’ It is hard for me to keep time and do the right moves at the same time.”

The set design this year was very extravagant. or so this reporter thought. It took many days of building, painting, etc. Sophomore Seth Jarvis said, “ I got around 10 hours in of helping with the set design for the show and it was pretty out there in my opinion. A huge set piece was the car we rented, which was 16 ft long and was very hard to move.”

Next is makeup.  Sometimes actors apply their own, and sometime they have people helping them.

Now comes the part that everyone has been wondering about. How much did the show cost? Mr. V said they spend around $8,000 to $10,000 per show, and Grease was on the higher end of the scale. That is a lot of money put into a show which is performed for just three days.

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