‘We are breaking up…I hate you.’

Dakota Jesse, Editor

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by Dakota Jesse

   Every high school has a good majority of couples roaming about the building. Relationships are fun and exciting, but there are downsides to it.

Single or not, everyone has pet peeves with dating. The students at BHS decided to share some of those inconveniences.

One thing that bothered senior Cisco Hernandez is when girls are not up front. “I don’t like when she tells me to go ahead and have fun with my friends, but she really just wants me to stay home.”

Senior Carson Beyer said, “Whenever she talks.” In response, his girlfriend, senior Aliyah Shetler said it bothers her when he does not tell her things for no reason.

Junior Haley Haines said it ticks her off when her boyfriend wears clothes that do not match. She added that she does not like when she will rant and he replies with “okay” or “hmmm.”

Caleb Haselhuhn, senior, says, “She always has at least one of my jackets.”

“I kinda hate it when they fall in love with other girls,” says junior Molly Servaes. “I want the world to know I’m salty.”

Freshman Derek Jesse complains about his girlfriend (freshman Emma Yunk) always trying to steal his food.

Sophomore Seth Jarvis notes that “Veronica is the goddess of everything. She loves all of us, and all of us should love her back.”

Even though he is currently single, senior Isaac Mautz hates when his friends are in relationships and their time gets taken by a significant other. “I miss my buddies,” he said.

Many students get friend-zoned. One who faces this junior Zach Garner. He gets called cute and a snack, but cannot land a girlfriend. He said, “I’m used to it and don’t really care.”

Even adults have pet peeves about relationships nowadays.

English teacher, Sandy Loucks said, “I hate when I see men disrespect their wives in public and then the wives walk around on eggshells.”

Some students at Burlington High School do not like dating whatsoever.

When asked a question about dating, senior Alli Dunlop thinks love is a complete lie.

Seniors Aliyah Shetler and Carson Beyer demonstrate an argument over one of Carson’s relationship pet peeves. (PHOTO: Kameron Cole)

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‘We are breaking up…I hate you.’