Intellectually-oriented students shine in Regional Scholars’ Bowl competition

Seth Jarvis, Editorial Editor

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The varsity team gathers with their Regional Championship plaque. (PHOTO: Kameron Cole)

Scholars’ Bowl is one of the many activities that the school presents. There are a lot of members in this group, and they each contribute something to the team.
Gayle Haselhuhn, math teacher, is the coach of the Scholars’ Bowl team. She said that there are about 20 people that come consistently to practices.
They gather once a week in her room. They use sample questions, and play around just like in a meet.
Contestants are given 10 seconds to answer a question. She said she finds it interesting to see what people can come up with in that amount of time.
She explained that meets run from late October to early February. There are two meets housed in Burlington: varsity and junior varsity.
The varsity won League this year. After that, they went on to win the Regional competition. They did not win at State, but the questions were “weird and random,” according to an anonymous source.
A good portion of a team’s success depends on the content. Senior Josh Alford said, “It’s all about the round.” A lot of times, they can be filled with questions that people know; other rounds might not have a single one. Luck can be a big factor.
Junior Delani Nichols also had a comment about this sport. If one shows up to practices, he or she can become really good.
“I’m not very smart, but sometimes the smartness of my teammates seeps into my mind like osmosis.“
Sophomore Jacob Dugar stated that he thinks, if someone knows too much useless information, this person will be great at Scholars’ Bowl.

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Intellectually-oriented students shine in Regional Scholars’ Bowl competition