FACS, FCCLA helps build love for community

AJ Lank, Sports Editor

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Kye Van Patten helps out at a Senior Citizens’ Thanksgiving Dinner hosted by FCCLA + FBLA. (PHOTO: T. Hernandez)

by AJ Lank
BHS recently hired a new FACS teacher as well as FCCLA sponsor: Kayla Taylor.
While she may be new, she has an interesting story as to how she ended up here.
Retired FACS teacher, Tammi Hanson, actually was a mentor of Mrs. Taylor’s while she was in high school.
She had been a district officer of the FCCLA club while Mrs. Hanson was the sponsor.
Mrs. Taylor looked up to and still does look up to Mrs. Hanson to this day saying, “I felt like I had very big shoes to fill, taking her position, but I was so excited to be able to apply.”
She went on to say that even after high school Mrs. Hanson had kept tabs on her and encouraged her through all of her studies.
“Mrs. Hanson was and still is a huge role model in my life, and I appreciate everything she has and continues to do for me,” she said.
A couple of weeks ago, when Mrs. Taylor was struggling to find a way to introduce a topic to her students, Mrs. Hanson proceeded to give her not only a video that she could share but also pamphlets and activities to go with it.
Mrs. Taylor said several times during our interview that Mrs. Hanson was “very kind and encouraging” towards not only her but to others as well.
While Mrs. Hanson might be retired from this school, her memory and knowledge lives on through someone she had a massive impact on.
So far, FCCLA has participated in a few different community activities, such as Wolf Creek Christmas party, providing hospitality rooms for sport activities, and a Thanksgiving senior citizen luncheon. These activities and many more that they are looking into being a part of have gone off without a hitch.
Mrs. Taylor is determined to not only take her new FACS class to outstanding heights but to take FCCLA there as well. She is very proud of the officers she has this year and is excited to see where the new year will take them.

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FACS, FCCLA helps build love for community