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Seth Jarvis, Editorial Editor

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Procrastination is something that many students within the school do. Sometimes, they can find themselves in some very not-so-good situations.

One person, who asked to remain anonymous, suffered this fate. He/she was assigned a paper the week before and was given a week to do it. He/she did not start until the night before where he/she decided to go to bed and wake up at 5:00 AM to do it. This procrastination continued throughout the morning, ending up in the missing of an entire day of school for the sake of getting the paper done.

Another student, who also asked to be anonymous, failed to get his /her project done in National International in a timely manner. In order to buy some time, he/she kept saying that it “failed to save in the dropbox,“ ending up gaining four days to work on the project.

An additional student had two trig assignments due on Monday and ended up doing them third hour before the class. Another pupil had an English assignment due and did it the night before.

Students will often stay in a desperate attempt to get all of their work done. Another anonymous student had to stay up until 4 AM due to failing to get English done.

Another student was up at midnight and had to get two pages of geometry homework completed.

A student in Game Design had a very large project to get done. He/she ended up doing the entire thing the day it was due in class.

One of the procrastinators within the school enjoyed watching the show “Vampire Diaries.” He/she watched it until midnight and then fell asleep, ending up doing homework at 3 AM.

Along with this, one student had a nightmare scenario involving a book report. He/she failed to read the book and ended up having to read all 600 pages of The Hobbit the night before it was due.

Senior Josh Alford, who asked not to remain anonymous, had this to say about his habits: “I write all of my papers after 10:30 PM; it is the most creative time for me. Every paper, every newspaper article. “

Like Josh, another student finds procrastinating to be inspiring. The person stated that he/she is most motivated to do world right before it is due, for example studying for a Government quiz the hour before it began.

Some teachers had comments about this student issue. Devra Parker, English teacher, has put lessons in place to avoid procrastination. She said that some students can survive it and still be successful in class. It is one of the biggest problems she sees, though.

Gayle Haselhuhn, math teacher, also had much to say about this poor habit among students. She said that every once in a while, projects get assigned in Geometry. One of these involves using a base picture to draw alternative versions of it, using several different transformations. Pupils are given several weeks to finish it due to the amount of work needed to make it. Mrs. Haselhuhn said that there are always students who try and finish it the day it is due.

Doug Stewart, Production Technology teacher, does not believe it is a force for good. “It’s always easier to get what you have to get done now, instead of getting that guilty feeling that comes with procrastination.”

It seems that students within the building will continue to find ways to put off their work. Whether or not they will survive is a whole other discussion.

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